Dança (Dance) is a feminine word.

GUIdance is now in two digits as it celebrates a strong legacy that has emerged over the last decade in Guimarães, that has progressively established itself as a hub for artistic creation. For this edition we have convened a group of strong women and three men aligned with them.


This 10th edition marks the return of some important choreographers who have produced key moments in the history of GUIdance and others who will now make their mark for the first time. This predominantly female cast intentionally places the role of women at the heart of artistic creation and attention, reinforced by the presence of men who further accentuate this quality.

The various sensibilities at play in the programme lead us to an idea of construction of time that evades any linear interpretation, and seeks to establish links that result from a multifragmented and multidimensional formation. If we want to look through a sharper lens, we propose to inhabit the world of the dream (unconscious imagination) and its variants, on the basis of the ballast of women’s lives. And then we reach another place from there.

This programme doesn’t just try to make sense, it aims to make itself felt, to make people think and above all make us live in a zone that is open to other solutions, because the world cannot run aground on past decisions that no longer apply to the current context.

Through the inexhaustible creative force of women, we will link the festival’s history to the history of Portuguese contemporary dance (including the Ballet Gulbenkian) to set everything on a new starting point.

So where are we going?

To this place of vital energy, where we imagine that there was a great flash of light a few moments before creation of the play of all plays: "The Rite of Spring."

May this GUIdance be as powerful as the flash of that preceding moment...

Rui Torrinha